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Average Peak For All Stocks Since We Began In 2004: 91.63%*

2015 Penny Stock Picks Research TeamFalconStocks owns the best penny stock picking record of any newsletter online. Real, low-priced stocks - over 90% are listed on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ. We are family-run in the U.S.A. Unlike 99.9% of penny stock websites, we are not paid to pick a stock and never have been. We don't own shares. We are 100% UNBIASED. We never profit off of the penny stock picks we publish, our readers do. The better they do, the better we do. Period. These are REAL companies with great stories; they are just small, cheap and undiscovered or emerging from a turnaround. We've beaten our competitors every year since we started in 2004 with superior average gains. That's why they never compare their performance against theirs. If they want our complete record with every pick, it's posted on our track record page. Let us impress you with completely unbiased research.

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We post a new stock pick ($0.50 to $5.00) each Tuesday before the markets open. A full research report on each penny pick is included. These are not shell companies or hyped, pumped penny schemes. These are not day trading picks or thinly traded - they're real companies, most profitable or reaching profitability, just undervalued. 90%+ are either NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ listed.

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Our Offer: Honesty. Integrity. Diligence.

  • The Best Penny Stock Picks record of any website or newsletter.
  • A family business, right here in the USA, no pretending like others.
  • Two founders and a half-dozen colleagues still working at Wall Street firms.
  • Colleagues include Institutional Traders, Syndicate and Research Managers.
  • We do not advertise. We don't have to. No Spam. Nothing else to sell.
  • Nearly 20 years experience on trading floors and in institutional research.
  • We will not automatically charge for renewals. That's unethical and dishonest.
  • Our best penny stock picks and research. No hype, no spin.

Only FalconStocks Research Found These Penny Picks:

  • EMAN at $1.05 (Trader Over $5.00)
  • XPO at $2.19 (Go ahead, LOOK at it now!)
  • Our first pick ever in 2004 was FPPC at $0.83, It gained 1,000% to over $9.00
  • A few months later, ANTP at $5.00. It traded above $50.00 after just months.
  • No hype, just real research by real people.

The Only Penny Stock Team With Wall Street Experience Trading on the NYSE

A Decade of the Best, Unbiased Penny Stock Picks and the Best Gains of Any Newsletter.

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Falcon conducts its own research by the founders as well as from the vast knowledge of professionals still working as traders and analysts in the industry. We never receive any compensation of any kind for our penny stock picks. We don't hire researchers to do our picks for us so we can spend time on TV or at conferences like other "penny stock professionals" do. We don't plaster our face all over... our penny stock picks are the main attraction, not our ego.

We do not hire actors to pose as TV show hosts pretending to interview us like some late-night infomercial. Yes, we have been on television. We are published authors. Not just for picking penny stocks; trading, hedge funds, bond markets, retirement planning and insider trades. CNBC? Sure. Bloomberg? Yes. Local news? Almost daily during the Dot.Com boom. Magazines? Yes. Does it matter? No.
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We are researchers and pick penny stocks; we're not salespeople. We disliked the sales aspect so much, we left to start this newsletter. Now, we have no sales goals - no more forced selling of a product, fund or other investment we would not own to people who trust us. This penny picks newsletter allows us to research and provide information about low priced stocks we think are winners. Brokers and salespeople try and sell what makes them the most money, we write research on undervalued companies that could make you the most.

We're solely here to provide the best penny stock picks we can, every week.

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* Includes all penny stock picks from inception in 2004 through June 2014 (none are left out) - More added each month after 6 months have passed to give time to rise. See performance page for details.