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► Percentage of Picks Listed on NYSE, AMEX or Nasdaq:  90+%

► Percentage of Our Picks That Post Gains:      98+%

► Our Reputation Score by Webutation:      100%

Last Year's Results (So Far)
8 NYSE, 42 Nasdaq & 2 OTC Stocks
Average Gain:  94.1% So Far
4 Stock Picks, Average Gain of 82%
Four Nasdaq Stocks
January   4 Stock Picks, Average Gain of 47%
Four Nasdaq Stocks
4 Stock Picks, Average Gain of 119%
Four Nasdaq Stocks
February   5 Stock Picks, Average Gain of 212%
One NYSE and Four Nasdaq Stocks
5 Penny Stocks, Average Gain of 32%
Two NYSE and Three Nasdaq Stocks
March   4 Penny Picks, Average Gain of 29%
Four Nasdaq Stocks, One OTCQB
4 Stock Picks, Average Gain of 82%
One NYSE and Three Nasdaq Stocks
April   4 Picks, Average Gain of 67%
Four Nasdaq Stocks
5 Penny Picks, Average Gain of 86%
Two NYSE, Two Nasdaq, One OTCQB
May   5 Stocks, Average Gain of 165%
One NYSE, Three Nasdaq, One OTCQB
4 Penny Stocks, Average Gain of 75%
Four Nasdaq Stocks
June   4 Stocks, Average Gain of 94%
One NYSE and Three Nasdaq Stocks

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Another Penny Stock Pick Double REKR
Rekor Systems (Nasdaq)
Profiled @ $0.70
Hit $2.30 Today (June 25th)

225% Gain In A Few Weeks
Another Recent Double - 120% In 1 Month
Medicine Man Technologies (Nasdaq)
Picked @ $1.87 on March 19th
Hit $4.17 On Thursday, April 18th

120%+ Gain In 4 Weeks
Kemet, Inc. (NYSE!)
Published Our Report  @ $3.70
Hit $27.00 In Just A Few Weeks
630% Gains - SEPTUPLE
More Recent Doubles
RADA Electronic Industries (Nasdaq)
Profiled  @ $1.86
Hit $3.86
For A Fast
105% Gain
Adesto Technologies (Nasdaq)
Profiled  @ $4.20
Hit $9.20
For A Fast
115% Gain



If You Haven't Already, Please See One Of Our Recent  Penny Stock Reports

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