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Why You Shouldn’t Give Retailers Your ZIP Code

When it comes to paying with plastic at the cash register, you know the drill. A quick swipe, a signature and the contents of your shopping cart are yours. But sometimes the cashier asks for one more thing:

“May I have your ZIP code, please?”

You may think it’s necessary to complete the transaction or it may seem like a harmless piece of information to give out, so you go ahead and reveal it.


Euro, stocks edge higher, investors watching Cyprus

European shares rose after three days of losses on Wednesday with investors optimistic that European policymakers would make sure the crisis in Cyprus did not spread to other countries.

Cypriot leaders were holding talks in Nicosia to avert a financial meltdown after parliament rejected the terms of a European Union bailout while Finance Minister Michael Sarris was trying to secure a last minute loan deal with Russia.


Dow hits fresh record as private hiring picks up

Wall Street resumed its climb into uncharted territory on Wednesday, with the Dow setting another intra-day record as hiring by companies rose strongly last month.

The stock market rally this year has been helped by signs of a strengthening U.S. economy, continued support from the Federal Reserve and fairly attractive equity valuations compared with other assets.