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The Sound of Silence on a Trading Floor

God bless the fallen, the innocent civilians killedribbon-black_68 on this day.

God bless their families.

God bless the families of our friends and colleagues that died in the World Trace Center towers. We spoke almost every day on the phone from the trading floor, until everything fell silent that morning. The phones stopped ringing completely. No time-stamps being punched. Everything stopped. Nobody could speak.

The only sound heard was the time-stamp machines clicking as another minute passed. I never knew how loud those were before. They seemed like jackhammers against the silence.

An eerie silence. A silence we could feel, almost touch. A silence I still hear once in a while. A silence that was broken only by the sound of a burst of crying across the room when a co-worker was overtaken with fear and helplessness.

It still seems like yesterday. I can remember everything from that day still. I can even remember the brand and flavor of the coffee in the break room. I haven’t and cannot forget any of it.

You will never be forgotten.