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Our guarantee is simple: Any member, contributor or associate of of FalconStocks and their immediate family members do not own shares and do not have any other financial interest in any stock that is profiled. Shares may not be purchased of any stock profiled for at least 6 months. If shares are owned of a stock that is to be profiled, they must be liquidated before publication.


We the owners, Shane and Marie, believe this is so important that the two of us have gone further than anyone else in the industry. We personally attest that the following is true:  


  • We do not own shares of any individual public company's stock.

  • We own no interest such as options or warrants in any stock.

  • We have no short positions in any stock.

  • We are not paid to pick or promote any stocks. Period.


As stated, the above list is true for ANY stock, not just penny stocks like the ones we pick here. While we may own mutual funds or ETFs, we have no interest in any individual company's equity shares.


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Is your research provider or stock website being PAID by the companies they recommend? It is very, very important to read any disclaimers on their website. In a huge majority of the cases, those websites are receiving some form of compensation from either the companies they are profiling, or by a third party that owns the shares. Even if this is not the case, many of the folks who run these websites own the shares themselves. So, when they tell you to buy, and the price rises, they are busy selling their shares to you. You get scammed. We've known about numerous individuals who have actually spent time in jail because of this practice. 100% Unbiased Penny Stock Picks for 2016


If you use ANY website for investing information, read their disclaimer. If they accept any type of compensation from outside sources, they are biased and cannot be trusted. Basically, your interests are not what matters to them. At FalconStocks.com, the only revenue we receive is from our readers' subscriptions. Therefore, our only mission is to do well by them and provide the best services we can - for our readers.

We do not receive a single penny or any other type of compensation of any kind other than readers' subscription fees. We do not accept advertising of any kind either. We only do well when our readers do well.

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