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Please visit the SEC’s site for further information at http://www.sec.gov/consumer/cyberfr.htm

We recommend education and information for any potential investor. The SEC's website contains extensive investing information and things to be cautious about. Please visit their site before investing, it can only help your success. If you have any questions about this resource, or would like to know about more investing information sites, please contact us and we can provide others.


Our "gains" as listed on our site are the total gains that the stock traded to - not what an investor could or should expect. These (as with most all sites that we know of) are calculated from the "pick" or "profile" price and the percentage gain includes the highest price the stock traded to, through the time period listed - but no more than 12 months. Nobody, not even us, could realistically expect to make gains totaling that amount. We use that calculation, mainly, because our competition does and because it is a decent way of seeing which service provides the stocks that reach the highest peaks. While gains of that amount cannot be expected in real life, it is a convenient way to see which services offer stock picks that garner the highest gains. It does not provide any other information.


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