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We are Shane and Marie Sokol. We both started in finance more than 25 years ago (wow, we've gotten a bit older!). Shane's longest experience was on the institutional trading floor at an international brokerage firm working exclusively with corporate insiders.


Our Industry Experiences Include:


  • Worked as a corporate trader/broker on a national firm's institutional trading floor.
  • Executing block trades - Including a 1.3 mil. share trade of a $20 NYSE stock.
  • Responsible for compliance with insider sales and corporate repurchases.
  • Administered entire employee stock option programs for companies under research.
  • A majority of clients were CEOs, other officers or directors of listed companies.
  • Advising public employees on investment plans, options and retirement planning.
  • Provided fund research for a national investment rating company.
  • Previously held SEC Series 7 & 63 designations.
  • Previously licensed in Life, Vairable and Health insurance in all 50 states + D.C.

...this is only a partial list.


  • We have the best average gains of any of the major penny stock services.
  • We don't charge you again when your subscription expires - that's unethical.
  • We post every past penny stock pick - we don't hide.
  • We have a 100% unbiased, no financial interest guarantee.